2018 NOTICE[2018 JUMF] Shuttlebus Route Change Guide


Some routes have been adjusted due to lack of passengers. 

Please be sure to read it.  

<JUMF2018 Shuttle bus>

*Date/Time : Aug 03, 2018 ~ Aug 05, 2018

*Service Route : Seoul, Daejeon, Daegu, Busan, Gwangju

*The Bus runs on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. 

Festival bus runs 3 times. Return will runs 15 minutes after the end of the performance.

<How to get a shuttle bus for foreigners>

-Shuttle bus service is charged. The fee is 1$(or 1,000 won. one-way)

-Apply by mail : Name, Mobile Phone number, Boarding date&time&location(Festival bus or Return bus)

-What you need to ride : Festival Tickets Check Sheet, Passport, cash(1$ or 1,000 won) ※ Please be sure to read it.

-How to apply : Please send the name of person to board, mobile phone number, boarding date & time & location (Festival bus or Return bus) by e-mail. .

***E-mail : jumf2016@gmail.com -The shuttle bus will be accepted by July 26th.(One person per person)

-Pay cash when you board to the boarding agent.

-On the day of boarding, check the following two details with the operating personnel and board the buses on a first come first served basis.

① Festival Tickets Check Sheet.


-Check in will begin 15 minutes before departure time. -If you do not arrive at departure time, tickets will be canceled on the day of departure.

-Please note that the shuttle bus route may be canceled if there are insufficient reservations. . 

thank you :)